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Monday, January 10, 2011


Sleep... Deprivation... Must... sleep... more..

Yes, i'm posting this at 7:30 AM here where I live because I haven't been to sleep since I woke up the day prior.

but yar, don't you just hate insomnia? It's like a bitch who won't shut her trap, but when she finally does, you can hear the echoes of her voice in your head.

Gah, my head is throbbing.

But anyways, here is what i've been doing recently.


been working on Alts. finally got my hunter geared over 7k gs (Yeah, I know no one uses it but fuck you) I can push some hot dps, like 13k single target and shit. for a crap geared alt.

Working on my shaman, because he's gonna be the money maker. Alchemy and shit, he's like level 79. He'll be 85 by the end of the week if I work at it.

the paladin is in limbo, don't really play him too much anymore.

the druid is coming along, the guild hit level 10 so now I got my heirloom cloaks to toy with.


OH MY FUCKING GOD. I bought a few things. I bought Mu, Makoto and the unlimited versions off all the characters.

I played a few of them and jesus christ does the game get so much fucking better. they're OP, sure. Especially Jin and Toa... fucking Jin and his freezing shit. But my god, let me tell you that once I got that, I got so much more play time out of it.

Okay, so here is your daily dose.

Polyrhythm - Perfume


  1. considering getting back into wow, you may have persuaded me :D

  2. i didn't sleep more than 3 hours almost 5 days :D

  3. captcha is on makes it a pain to comment

  4. Ahh, sorry about that smile. I completely forgot about captcha because it doesn't ask me to when I comment on my own stuff. I took it off now though. :)

  5. im startin school again, bring on the sleep deprivation.

  6. Following because I too play WoW and suffer from sleep deprivation.

  7. Insomnia sucks, but according to Fight Club the good thing is you can't die from it