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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Okay, well now i'm happy. :D

Well, thank's to my good informant Paw (If you don't mind me shortening your name. xD) directed me to Chitika and now I've got something that seems like it's actually going to work for me! Well, this is the last time I trust google! Nothing but a buncha corporate butt nuggets.

Thanks a lot guys, if i'm lucky and this DOES work out, things are gonna look up. :)

(But to be perfectly honest, they're prolly gonna look like crap. D:)

Well! On to my normal postings!

Lately, before this fiasco, I've been pondering a lot. Thinking a lot on many different types of ideals, what I could do with my life, what experience I'd like to peruse. As it stands, several friends of mine would like to get a business rolling. Kinda like a mom and pop restaurant, minus the mom and pop and add into "three awesome friends". Ya see, cooking has always been a hobby for me. Something I enjoyed doing a lot because I used to watch my mom and dad cook a lot. Both of them were wonderful cooks. My father was good... No, lemme rephrase that. GREAT at making something delicious out of absolutely nothing! My mother, whom I have taken quite a few of her recipes and added my own little spice to them was great at feeding a lot of people with down home cooking that never disappointed.

Two recipes that I know are my two favorite from both of them are as follows.

My mother used to make this stuff called "Chicken Yot". It was a pasta based soup. the chicken was boiled in a mixture of seasonings (Don't ask me, it's been so long since i've had it) and I know for a fact she used about half to a whole bottle of soy sauce. She boiled the chicken until it fell off the bone and once that was done, she would pull the chicken from the broth and pull it apart. As she was doing this, she would boil spaghetti noodles and add them to the broth. After she was done this, she would put the chicken that she had pulled apart into the noodles and broth and boil for one more hour.

Suffice it to say, she has other recipes, but this is the one that I had the least, but enjoyed the most. :)

My father, whom was and still is my hero of soups, makes the BEST cream of celery soup i've ever been able to taste in my lifetime. He starts off with onion and carrots, celery and bacon. He cooks the bacon down in the pot to add both flavor and some bacon grease to it. (Yes, bacon grease! BEHOLD, THE ALMIGHTY HEART ATTACK SOUP!) As he's doing this, he adds diced onions to the bacon grease (after he removes the cooked bacon, normally nice and crispy. About 5-6 slices) and saute's the onion down. Once the onion is nice and browned, he all the fixin' too it, along with enough water to cover the vegi's about an inch or two up the pot. I suggest a nice 10-20 gallon pot for this. (Normally about half a cup of carrots, two 8 onces cans of sliced mushrooms (If you use fresh cut, it's about 1 whole cup of mushrooms, sliced thin) 2 cups of chopped celery, thin) He allows the vegi's to boil for 1-1 1/2 hours at best, stirring occasionally. After that time, he add chicken bullion cubes (If you want to skip this step, i'd suggest using chicken broth in place of water as the soup base) and allows for them to dissolve. After the cubes have dissolved and the soup broth now is nice and chicken-y, you add a roux after adding about a few cups of milk. I would say it was about 2 cups of milk that I saw him eyeball into it. A roux is made out of flour and water. It's used to thicken up chowders and make a more hearty soup. Now, I don't know the exact measurements for the roux, but it is really up to you because depending on the amount of vegi's, water (chicken broth) you put into it, it could use a different amount of rouse each time. (the word roux is what my dad uses, I just call it water and flour. :P) Now, once you add the roux, you're going to wanna watch the soup EXTREMELY carefully. This is where it will burn super fast. My dad's lost a big pot of soup because of this. Trust me, you don't wanna eat burned cream soup, it doesn't taste good AT ALL. the soup will thicken fast, so try not to add a lot of the roux at one time or else you'll end up with more of a pot of soup jello then a pot of delicious soup. Once the soup finally comes to the right thickness, you're done! Just make sure to take it off the burner and set on another, cooler burner. :)

I hope you enjoyed my wall O' TL;DR, for those of you that read. :)

Now here! Enjoy this song I found on youtube while browsing as I normally do!


  1. Sweet post and vid, sounds like you have one great family.

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