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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years!

Well, i'm back everyone. I hope you had an awesome New Years. :) If anything, I got what I wanted for Christmas and had the New Years I wanted.

First off, I'll just tell ya what I got for Christmas.

Clothes and two 80 gig HDD's. Yep, thats all. I didn't even know I'd get those two HDD's, but now I finally got my secondary computer working and the fiancée is using it as I type. I got to spend the majority of it over at my pops girlfriends house, which was really nice. She had her family over and we enjoyed having tasty food and played games and stuff. :) Watched the traditional National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. (As I had mentioned how I got it in a previous post)

For New Years, my dad and his girlfriend joined my fiancée and I during the later hours of the night. We played buzz word and had chips and what not. Drank a little liquor and got tipsy as we waited for the ball to drop.

Did anyone see Dick Clark?! PHEW that guy is old! After that stroke... Boy he's doin' pretty bad. Oh well, it's nice to see him still doing it, ya know?

But anyways, my New Years resolution is to get back on track this year get myself a good job, or at least something that i'm pulling good hours on.

Happy new years everyone!

Yay for weird video's. :D


  1. That video is giving me seizures haha
    Happy New Year to you too :D