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Friday, January 7, 2011


Well, since the holidays, I haven't been able to get back on track. It's a tad depressing really.Since the new year, I've only gotten one post in. :\ Ah well, not like its any skin off anyones back. I'm not interesting anyways. :P

Well, lately. I've been playing A LOT of video games. WoW, my PS3 (Woo for Metal Gear Solid 4 and Blazblue) along with keeping everything around the house in check. But other then that, i'm one bored dude. I keep thinking to myself "Man, it would be awesome to be at work right now instead of sitting here at my computer everyday".

Now some people might be like "WTF are you talking about?! That sounds awesome!". Well, to the broke dude sitting at the desk right now. He doesn't think it's so awesome. The only thing I've got going for me is what revenue I make from the adds here. But what can I say? A few dollars is better then no dollars at all! It'll come around though. I'm a hard worker and I know i'll be able to keep the next job I get. (So long as it can keep my attention. x_x)

Ya see, i'm the type of person who has to have his brain occupied at nearly all times. I've got the A.D.D. and it's tough to stand still or keep quite for more then 5 minutes at a time. the only perk is that when I am able to concentrate on something that keeps my attention, I am DAMN good at it. It's the only reason i'm addicted to games. It's one of the things that likes to stimulate my mind past school books. although I do like learning, if its a field i'm interested in, you bet i'm getting A's in it.

Recently though, it was my friends birthday. (Round the fourth) He popped over as he has said he would and I made a "drink" of sorts. I only had one can of Monster Energy Drink and two 6 once bottles of Crown Royal. So i basically threw them in the blender with some ice and had slushies. I'll tell you, that shit was good. The only thing that sucked was that I don't have a lid to my blender (don't ask me why) and I ended up having to improvise with a bowl... Which didn't really work well. We got some sweet slushies though!

so here, i'm dedicating this to me fiance, because each day I love you more and more. :)


  1. gotta rock COD! thats what ive been doing!

  2. All I heard was Blaz Blue and now I wanna play that game. XD I haven't bought quantum shift yet but I should. I can't play it in English, but it's such an awesome game. >:3 Taokaka is my favorite.

    That drink that was made kind of scares me, the one at your friends b-day, since I don't drink and I don't like energy drinks. I would be afraid of ingesting it, even in slushie form.

  3. nice song :) and you will came back on track

  4. @Pawawanpi: Yeah! thats all I play is Tao! xD

    "Hey boobie lady! More grub!"

  5. I haven't had a slushie in YEARS, now I want one...

  6. damn never would of mixed that one....glad to hear it turned out tastin' good

  7. Great to see how much you love and appreciate your fiancee