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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Even MORE good news!

Well, my last post was about being able to get another revenue service working. Well, this time around is that a friend of mine came through and possibly has a job for me!

I was dallying around yesterday around 8ish, I wasn't doing anything important so I decided to call some places about job openings. (it's pretty dead around where I live because EVERYONE works at like one concentrated area) Well, I called the Home Depot, they did say that they were going to be heiring in the weeks to come, about three or so. Well obviously I filled out an application (I do have some experience in carpentry/electric/roofing/framing/siding work because I worked worked for a general contractor my father worked for) and put down my info and experience and stuff. Maybe they'll look highly on that? Meh, who knows.

But for the big new that i'm looking more forward too then Home Depot.

My friend had called me up around 6ish (i was taking a nap and my headphones were in my computer so the fiancée didn't notice he called) and left me a message saying that he talked to his GM about me. He put in some GOOD words for me and as it so happens, they're looking for Cashiers desperately now that quite a few people are leaving. He told em how I helped him get the right products, helped him upsell some customers and even helped other people at their workplace with technical information about certain computer applications and computer specs. It's Staples, they sell bunches of office supplies along with personal computers and stuff like that. (Like I had said in a previous post, I love computers and hardware) Well, hopefully the words he had said to her land me a spot. If from what he says, they're losing about 4 people in a store that i've only ever seen about 10 employee's not counting the managers total, working in the store on different shifts. (Yeah, I go there a lot because obviously my good friend works there. I've also bought stuff from there too.)

All in all, I would actually like to get into this job because I'd finally get to work in a tech based environment, or at least be able to work in one at some point if I get to move to a different part of the store. Things might be lookin' up for the dear old Steve. :)

Well, here is your daily dose of music.

I give you...

Stardust Vs Sonic The Headghog (Music sounds better with you) Silver's theme remix


  1. Well it looks like things are starting to get better for you. I hope you get the job. :3

  2. great post, awesome video!!

  3. Jobs are tough right now but things are looking up. Best of luck.

  4. The video is gone! Darn! Also good luck with your job! My cashflow is low too, with school coming up and gas prices, well it's pretty bad...

  5. Come for the stories, stay for the music.

    Added to rounds, here's hoping for some love, too.

  6. The video is no longer available. I am going to have myself a little cry now.