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Monday, January 3, 2011

Gah, people.

So this post is definitely a day late and a dollar short.

the reason for that was that yesterday I spent some time with my uncle, which is tad bit of an irregular occurrence for me. Not to say I didn't enjoy it. :P

Got to go to chillies. Anyone ever had their Texas fries? I swear i'm addicted to those things now. I never knew chillies had such good friggen fries in my life, but I know i'll be going back there again. I also had the margarita chicken, which was delicious. (except the pico de gallo, I hate cilantro. >.<)

We also had gone to see Harry Potter 7 Pt. 1. So here is my impression of it: It was BETTER then the last few movies. They kept to the story line for once and didn't do a whole lot that made me wanna smack a film maker for being such twits about a book to movie adaptation. I really enjoyed it because of how much more depth they put into it. They kept the darkness that it had and there were a lot of things I really didn't expect them to add into the movie. (Although I will say //SPOILERS// the start of the movie, IE the fight on the broom sticks was entirely TOO short //END SPOILERS//)

the one gripe I had with it wasn't with the movie, but the people inside the theatre. I could spot who hadn't read the books and who had, because the sheer amount of speculation that I heard people spout. (The ones behind me that is. Fuxing girls) I'm just saddened that I couldn't enjoy the movie as it was, without the distractions, but I guess thats what I have to put up with when going out in public.

Today though, I was busy with fixing my fathers laptop that he received from a friend of his. It was a company laptop that the guy who my father received it from works at, which he kinda up and snatched I guess and recommissioned it for him. I had to go and install all the correct drivers into it for the internet and wireless internet card in the laptop itself. I also got to fidgeting with some of the other stuff.

I had to disable the security stuff so they couldn't track the laptop, thats to say if they wanted too. (The mr. know it all about laptops didn't seem to have the brain capacity to do that. What a tard.) But alls well that ends well, for i've got it working and it should be good enough for a man who barely knows how to use a mouse.

So I leave you with this, something I listened too while I was perusing youtube. Be warned, it's old school and the video is odd. The Lyrics are funny and the guy sounds like he's got a cold.


  1. Weirs song and video but catchy :P

  2. I'd have rather had a free computer than sit through that boring hour of forest scenery in HP7. Good flick overall, though.

  3. really interesting read mate.

    you got some of those on your blog :)

    following you from now on.
    if you feel like giving mine a click