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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Marry Jolly -politically correct term here-

This is just a post to tell everyone happy -insert your holiday here- and that this is my last post till after the holidays.

Have a good one everyone!

Here is your obligatory awesome Christmas light show video's.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Well today, I finally got to get the propane tanks filled. Glorious heat is glorious! The only work I had to do was lug a 100 pound canister around on my shoulders a bit and I could get the thing filled and now I have heat. :D

With that aside, I'd like to ask you all something; Do you read manga? I know I do. I've got a bit of a collection going and was wondering if anyone shared my enthusiasm for it. I also own a a few box sets (The most obligatory being Azumanga Daioh) along with some other japanese related things. You see, i've always been strapped for cash, seeing as I live with a pretty impoverished family. They never got their feet off the ground to do anything better with their lives, so i'm suffering the backlash in not having things that other kids had. I will say this though, that it taught me the value of a dollar and how to budget myself better then anyone I know. (Besides my uncle, the man is amazing with finances) But I do like to splurge on things I enjoy.

I had a drought where I had no internet for the longest time, so I satiated the lack of anime/manga by just outright buying it all. I spent quite a lot just to watch it. I've read it all at least three times now and i've watched it a good three times over as well. I let my friends (Trusted friends) borrow my stuff and I just generally share it with those that wanna watch it. It's fun really, to collect it all and being able to look back at it and smile, knowing you've got yourself a fairly nice collection of stuff to pull out and show off to your other nerd friends. xP

If you haven't noticed already, i've been following Oreimo. It's a fun show to watch, even if it isn't entirely realistic. (It's anime, why should it be?) The show is steeped in drama, something I like myself. It's cute, has cute characters and the story is what you'd call a "Rage inducer". I've seen so many threads on /a/ about their rage towards the MC that it's just funny watching people bitch about anime in the way they do. I like anime because it's driven by an actual plot. Plot is good, character development is good. Anime is good. BUT! I will say that my tastes lean really hard towards harem anime. If you know what a harem is, then good for you, but i'm into harem because of just the shear amount of funny you can pack into it.

Love hina I would say is what got me into harem, what stoked my fire for my love of it and Ai Yori Aoshi is what made me wanna peruse more of it.

Here are the openings to both Ai Yori Aoshi and Love hina.

Have an awesome day. :)

PS: The Indigo is one of my favorite smooth sounding music makers of all time.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fun times.

So I kinda got the feeling that some of you got the wrong idea about the moving thing. My fiancée and I do live together, alone. We have our own place that I basically took over from my dad after he decided to move in with his girlfriend. She and I take care of all the bills and what not, so we are basically living alone. The main reason why I have a bit of a gripe about this place is because of how good this neighborhood is. The school district is really good (compared to the old schools I used to go too, South west Philadelphia isn't a good place to learn...) the township is pretty good and it's not filled with violence, trash and dirty air. (Haha, dirty air... this is dirty Jersey i'm talking about!) She and I want to have a good place for our kids to grow up in. I wanna settle somewhere, where we know our kids will be safe, get a good education and be able to grow up as good people who weren't traumatized like she and I were, living in Philly and Salem county. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but if I got into all the details about how our lives were fucked up, I'd be going on waaayyy to long in this blog here. xD I mean I could talk a little about myself if you all wanted me too on my next blog, just ask if you wanna know. Lol

Well, anyways, I made a Brownie cake instead. It had vanilla and strawberry frosting on it and stuff. Here's a picture of it.

My camera is a tad on the crappy side, but it gets the job done for both basic picture needs and webcam.
Anyways, I made her a delicious dinner of cubed steak, scalloped potatoes, corn and clam chowder. We listened to music as we ate and we cuddled and did all the couple stuff. She wanted to watch tarzan. So we did that, but around lets say... 60% of the movie was over and she stared at herself in the mirror for the other 40% because she got something in her eye.

But yeah, was a nice day and all, made her feel good. Had some company over too, who brought her some cookie ingredients so she could make peanut butter cookies, which were pretty damn good for her first try.

Well, here's my daily (well, now daily) vid of music. Enjoy. :)

This is "Duvet" by Boa.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gravy Train

I'm posting a little late today, cuz I slept in, but here goes.

Today is my fiances birthday, woooo, she's gonna be 19! (Psh, screw age when you're getting married. xD) Sadly, she's working right now and I can't smother her with all the affection that I wanna give her. Although she'll be home around 4... I think I'll start baking her a cake once i'm done. So this pretty much marks our 2 years together and I gotta say that it's been lovely. It's been tough of course, with me without a job right now and her being the only working person right now, but we endure. I've been looking for alternative forms of income to help out a bit, but it's not coming along very well. x_x It leaves me with a very salty taste in my mouth when I think about how sucky it is right now. Although I think things might start to look up again after Christmas.

So i've been thinking recently about a proposal made by a good friend of mine. He said to me "Steve, if you ever wanna come join me and Justin when this all happens, you're more then welcome". You see, I like this idea and I've been thinking about it quite a bit. Ya know, moving some place different with some friends and having a place together. That sounds pretty fucking rad if you ask me, but then there's the part where i'm leaving everything I had behind. (No, not Rebecca, she'll be coming too) All my friends, my house, my family (not that it'd be that bad IE some family members I'll miss a lot) and the things I used to do. I'd lose comfort of the neighborhood that I lived in. I mean I think of it as if you don't stick your neck out sometimes, you'll never get the ribbon for the grand prize if you don't at least try.

But as I think about it, my head starts to hurt, i'm just craming it with more thoughts, especially when I need to be focusing on a lot of other things (not saying important, although they are, I just like to keep everything on level bases) and start getting this ball rolling! If i'm lucky, my friend could possibly help me get into a job at Staples, god knows i'm capable, if not over qualified for it. I've helped employees there do their job before, even help them UP SELL items to customers! The more I think about it, the more I laugh because of how easy the job seems at first glance.

Ah well, all things will come in time my dear friend.

Here is "I am somebody" by DJ Mehdi.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Minecraft or WoW?

As i've been saying, I've gotten into WoW deeply. Everyone knows how addicting it is and how much time the game consumes. I've been playing it a lot and of course i'm enjoying it, so it really makes it hard to wanna pry myself away from it to play other games. Recently though, my friend has been playing minecraft and build up his base, which I was/am apart of. I do feel bad for not helping, but again, it's hard to pry myself away from something i'm enjoying. It's just mental resistance, really. I'm just being stuck to this game like white on rice because it really is that enjoyable.

I got into minecraft a lot and helped build up the last base, but it lost fun when the mod for the server started changing some things because of us. I don't think that it wasn't going to happen, but people complained. Also, the amount of lag put it off for me a lot because I was constantly getting DCed, my char was stuck in place a lot or teleporting around places and dieing from invisible monsters.

Yes, I know i'm complaining about a game that is bound to have bugs like that in it, but its hard to keep my attention for long periods of time if i'm not enjoying it. I don't want to have to force myself to play something and I'm sure my friend understands that. He knows i'm pretty ADHD ridden and its really hard for my focus to be kept in one spot unless I have something i'm following.

Anyways, my most annoyance is not in the game, the lag, the problems and bugs, but in myself because I DON'T wanna play it. I like minecraft a lot, but I don't wanna play it! It makes me mad but then again, i'm the one who's causing the anger!

Sounds stupid, no?

Ah well, I'll get over it sometime and get back into it. For now, here's more video's, this time of some music in English.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Short time is good time.

This is going to be short because i'm busy today getting stuff for my house. It's come to my attention that electronics are awesome. (Lol, no, I fucking love electronics with a passion) I wanna job that revolves around dealing with them all the time. I wanna build computers for people. I wanna make sure people are getting the best for their buck, no holds bared.

So, if anyone wants to build a new computer and doesn't know much about them, I'll just leave this here for those that are interested.

Skype: Perferated Bawx - Steve

Aim: Bunny Boy I am (Yeah, I still kept if since like... I was 14)

Xfire: Yeneeko (Or it might be under Grimsolution)

If you need some help with computer parts or assembling some stuff, hit me up. I'll try my best to show you the best parts for your buck. :)

Also, videos, videos, videos.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's all about the doshio's baby.

Well, I'm an anime fan. I've been watching Anime for seriously as long as I can remember ever being interested in the old Toonami block on cartoon network. I've watched so many series that I really can't count how many that I've seen, but the one thing thats always kept me interested in it, is how much better the stories are compared to western cartoons. I mean, if you've ever watched anime, then you know that the stories told in most of them are highly detailed (most of the time) and that it flows really well. Thats what really got me hooked. There was always something different to watch in anime and that there were characters I could get attached too in the stories.

Now though, I've been following lots of stuff. I've got a bakabt account filled with stuff I've DLed and stuff I've got bookmarked for future viewing. I currently have 62 inactive torrents that i've downloaded and 57 bookmarked torrents that I haven't down loaded yet that I wanna watch. Yeah, if you think about it, lets just SAY that all those torrents are 13 episode stories and they're all 30 minutes long. (Giving into account the OP's and OD's.) So 62 + 57 is 119. Now, thats 119 shows i've watched and am going to watch. So 119 x 30 = 3570 minutes, which translates into 59.5 hours total. Thats more then two days straight of anime viewing pleasure. I know it's not a lot, but think about it. That's just a generalized number, a lot of the anime I like to watch is almost 30+ episodes long! So it's even MORE then that.

So after that anime RANT. I'm going to leave you with a picture and a song. The picture is of a funny quote I found in Toradora, the song is the opening for Ore no Imo.

It's also my new favorite op for an anime.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

WoW again.

So as I stated previously, my friend got me Cataclysm and some game time. I've been playing it recently and I gotta say, i'm impressed blizzard... You actually made the game better then your last X-pack. The details in the environment are so much more lush now, instead of all the mat white ground textures and steel plated walls. It's actually pretty awesomely detailed. Something they actually thought about, attention to detail ftw. :D

Here are some pictures I took of some of the environments I've been playing in recently.

This is Deathwing and Ragnaros, both really scary peeps. :P In Vanilla, he was the final boss you fought in Molten Core.

 This is Vashj'ir. It's an underwater area, really large, full of aquatic life.

This is the front of stormwind Castle. Got a big overhaul since before.

I wanted to get both parts of Hyjal, this is the Twilight side. It's been pretty much torn apart with fire by Deathwing and the twilight cultists.

This is the Night Elf side under the tree of Nordrassil. It's the more lusher side of Hyjal that hasn't been devastated by deathwing... yet.

All in all, i'm loving the new content and I really wanna get into raiding in it sometime soon. Hopefully I can level fast and get some heroic gear. :P

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pizza hut, it is now extra awesome!

Yesterday I had hung out with my best bro Matt. He and I decided to chill out and go somewhere. (He was gonna get take me out for my birthday) Well, I decided that because I have the movie inception that why don't we just chill out and watch the movie, so i suggested we get some munchies and go chill at my place. (Although it's cold as FUCK ALL still)

So we decided to go get some Pizza Hut. We debated about it first, whether or not to go to the local Shoprite and get one of their pizzas and some drinks, along with some chips. He decided against it because every time we've ever been to pizza hut, we've always gotten an awesome friggen pizza.

We roll up to the joint and stop in, there were two employees who asked me if I needed assistance, the one who helped me was named Jim. I didn't catch the name of the other one (She was female) but she was doing her own thing anyways. We mull around for a few minutes on the pizza we decided on and the pizza we decided on was a Hawaiian Luau pizza with stuffed crust and mushrooms added.

Now here comes the cool part.

This guy was the GM, not that we didn't know till he mentioned it too us at the end of our time at their establishment, but this isn't why I think this guy was cool. This guy, as we waited, offered us some pizza slices on him. Just outa random too. (Yeah, i'm aware that it was prolly pizza he was gonna toss because it was siting there for a while, but it's free pizza!) We were pretty stoked that this dude gave us free pizza. We nomed it pretty happily and sat around talking, messing with the little touch screen gaming station (It's like those things you find in Bars and stuff, with chess and a buncha picto-like games in them) and joked around. As our time went on, he came up to us again, he had a small container (A round aluminum one) full of their Alfredo pasta stuff. He had said that there was no chicken in it, but you're welcome to have it if you'd like. Again, we were wowed by this guy just giving us stuff out of no where, I mean he really didn't need to at all even if it was stuff they messed up on or if it was leftover stuff. I mean they don't get paid for it and it was supposed to be thrown away anyways. Wasted food is always a no-no on my part, so i really give props to this guy.

I don't have pictures of the pizza, which I really should have taken a picture of it because it was FUCKING DELICIOUS.

But really, if all food service establishments were like this, not because they are forced based on company policy, I think people around here would lighten up a bit. (Yeah, everyone eats too much fast food around here) I mean sheesh, everyones so mean around my neighborhood. >_>

But anyways, awesome pizza hut joint I'll deffinatly be going back too and delicious pizza was delicious!

Also, thanks to Matt, I now am able to play Cata like I wanted! He bought me game time and I found my own way of getting the X-pack myself. >:P Woo for people being awesome!

Here, have another song. :D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If cold got colder.

In my house, the only way it's heated is through space heaters and propane heaters. They're nice and toasty most of the time, but the Space heaters are super expensive to run.Well, last night I woke up around 3am because lately i've been feeling under the weather. I woke up and could hardly breath out of my nose, so I decided to get up and spend a little time awake. Well I went to go turn on the propane heater and sat down at the computer and played a bit of games. I turn around and just guess whats now out of propane?!


Now i'm in a house that is currently 44 degrees F and i'm freezing my ASS off. Lucky for me i've got some covers, but that seriously doesn't help my hands. This is the plight of a home that only runs on electric. Once your propane runs out, your left with electric heaters that really cant heat your house the way a propane heater can, nor can it keep said house as warm either without running every single heater you got and turning your electric bill into a 5 digit number.

But alas, I digress. Its been worse, although it can only get better from here. Soon I should be getting some money to buy that godly natural gas and return to the cozy warmth that I now long for under my covers. For now, i'll just turn my background into a fireplace and stare at it wishing it was warmer in my house.

Just felt like keeping this brief, my fingers are starting to lose some feeling in them from the cold.

Also, music.

Monday, December 13, 2010


As it stands, World of Warcraft is now on its third Expansion pack. I got to experience burning crusade (Not in its fullest, but I got to do a few of the raids) and Wrath of The Lich King. I've been playing for almost a good year plus and its been fun. I was in one of the top guilds on my server on my main (Dwarf Paladin) and life was good. I got to raid all the time doing 25m content (25 players all doing the same dungeon instance) and I got lots of awesome gear.

This is me currently:

I've got some pretty awesome gear, but it's all Pre- X-pack now! So this is where i'm actually pretty upset now. I was down a friends house recently whom I play this with, he and I raided together a few times and he taught me the ropes of the game. Well, I asked him to show me some of the content for Cataclysm and I was awed. I thought a lot of the new stuff would be boring and not at all cool, but I was hit with the silly brick and I was DEFINITELY WRONG about it. Let me just tell you that Deathwing looks INSANELY cool!

Well, suffice it to say, i'm jelly. I've been playing my alts to get them all to level 80 so I don't have to work extra hard once I actually get Cataclysm.

Heres a list of the classes I have and the level they are:

Paladin: 80
Druid: 80
hunter: 80
Shaman: 74
Rogue: 40
Priest: 65
Mage: 21
Death Knight: 68

Yeah, I used to play a CRAP ton before my guild broke up. I've only just come back into it after a bit of a hiatus from the game. There's been some patches for it, introducing the new stat/skill system and I made sure to get acquainted with that before anything, so I won't be too confused with I actually get into the game again.

So basically i'm just waiting now, so once I get some money I can by some game time and the X-pack as well. Good thing the X-pack doesn't cost as much as most new console games! 40$ I guess is all right... ah well.

Not to sound like a begger, but it'd be awesome if someone could donate me the money so I could get it faster. >.> I need like 55$ for both the x-pack and a month of gametime.

If you want, my paypal is -Edited out-

Sorry again if it seems like i'm begging, I don't really expect anyone to donate, especially for a silly game, but hey, might as well put it out their right? Some people are awesome like that.

Thanks again and see you tomorrow!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The day after...

Well! Yesterday was awesome. When I woke up, I got about a ZILLION happy birthdays on skype, then another BILLION on facebook! Thanks all for that, it really made me happy. :) I especially don't tell anyone because I don't really feel like it's a big deal, but it does make me happy when everyone says happy birthday.

So, for what I did...

My fiance took me out to lunch, we took a stroll down the road together and stopped in both the Radio shack and Blockbuster. (Which is shutting down by me) I had to stop in Radio Shack to get a 3.5mm headphone jack splitter for my PS3 so I can turn my computer stereo system into 5.1 for my gaming system. :) Suffice it to say, ITS AWESOME! I had some friendly conversation with the guys there. (It's always fun to talk about things and confuse the guys who're supposed to specialize in it. XD) After we stopped into the Blockbuster, seeing as it's going out of business, we wanted to find National Lampoons Christmas vacation, yeah, you know the one. :P Well, we looked, but they were only selling it brand new for like 16$. I thought that was stupid, so we went over to ask if they possibly had one laying around used (We looked on the shelves first to see if they had it) and they just so happened to have a copy RIGHT in their hands at the time! They did tell us though, that it wasn't for sale because they had to transfer it somewhere. (I guess it was the old retirement home for broken DvD's. Lol) So we looked around a bit, i tried to see if they had the entire season of Firefly (Which they didn't) when one of the employees approached us. He said "Well, seeing as this doesn't actually exist in our store, here you can have it". My eyes lite up like you wouldn't believe! Man, it was an awesome turn of events. The best thing was, we weren't even gonna go to Block Buster! xD Best birthday luck ever!

So, in tradition of our (mostly) scatered Nerdfighter group. (Now mostly comprised of only a few select people. Drama lama hit the old group hard. x.x) my friends girlfriend made me a picture, suffice it to say, if I questioned the reason for it, I'd be just silly.

Thanks belle. <3

All in all, I had a pretty calm and awesome birthday, one I haven't had in a REALLY long time. Normally i'm always cooking for my dad because he and I share the same birth date!

Love you all peeps, thanks so much for the luff!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Woo, birthday boy here.

Another year, another level. I think of it as almost a game sometimes. "Steven has leveled up to level 20!" I pick three skills to upgrade and go on living my life, but it's kinda mundane ya know? It's just the same thing over and over again, but in a different place occasionally. It's the monotany of it, I know, but it's what you make out of it that makes life worth living.

I've never really been one to be a emo downer, because i'm a pretty bright guy. It's hard to take me seriously when I try to be dark and dismal, but only my closest friends and family can tell when i'm doing it for true. Though I can't really say to much about life, having no job, a cold house and a problematic family, not all of it is terrible. I've got a wonderful fiance who I love dearly, ya know? She's such a cutie. I've got an uncle who in the most honest of opinions, is one of the best parts of my family I can honestly say I enjoy being with. Though i'm not saying the other parts of my family are bad people, of course I have fun with them too, but he and I are able to talk on an intelectual level that I really cant talk with the rest of my family on. Him and I have a very broad mindset and he and I are just two peas in a pod when it comes to serious conversation.

But on the final note, I'M 20 YEARS OLD. Yes, the good ole 20. I'm finally out of the teen years and into the 20's... Fuck, why do I now have the bugging sense of being OLD?! GAH RAGGLE FRAGGLE. Although to me it's not all terrible, I get closer to being able to legally drink, i'm not a teenager anymore and I can finally figure life out a little better with my experience in life and love from the past year.

Edit: Gonna put a video here of some nice, smooth music.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Well shit.

Well, i've recently gotten back into minecraft. It's all about blocks and shit, building and what not. It's really interesting. I've gotten into this server called Darkcrest, it's pretty neet. The server itself is kind of like an rp server, where you choose a nation, build your town, go to war. Stuff like that. It's pretty insane. Not sure if anyone who follows me plays it, but I'd recommend it. The games currently in it's Alpha I believe, which Notch (The developer) is selling the game for like half price. It's about 13.06$ US, so it's not really expensive for a game with almost unlimited possiblites in building stuff. He's always adding new things and what not so it's not gonna get boring anytime soon. (At least I hope so) If you wanna drop by, my name is Yeneeko. I'm normally chillin' out in my town I built with my friends called Conn-Harbor. Also, they've got a subreddit, if you know what that is. We'll prolly be posting some stuff about our town soon, so again, if you wanna learn more, just drop by the subreddit.