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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Well today, I finally got to get the propane tanks filled. Glorious heat is glorious! The only work I had to do was lug a 100 pound canister around on my shoulders a bit and I could get the thing filled and now I have heat. :D

With that aside, I'd like to ask you all something; Do you read manga? I know I do. I've got a bit of a collection going and was wondering if anyone shared my enthusiasm for it. I also own a a few box sets (The most obligatory being Azumanga Daioh) along with some other japanese related things. You see, i've always been strapped for cash, seeing as I live with a pretty impoverished family. They never got their feet off the ground to do anything better with their lives, so i'm suffering the backlash in not having things that other kids had. I will say this though, that it taught me the value of a dollar and how to budget myself better then anyone I know. (Besides my uncle, the man is amazing with finances) But I do like to splurge on things I enjoy.

I had a drought where I had no internet for the longest time, so I satiated the lack of anime/manga by just outright buying it all. I spent quite a lot just to watch it. I've read it all at least three times now and i've watched it a good three times over as well. I let my friends (Trusted friends) borrow my stuff and I just generally share it with those that wanna watch it. It's fun really, to collect it all and being able to look back at it and smile, knowing you've got yourself a fairly nice collection of stuff to pull out and show off to your other nerd friends. xP

If you haven't noticed already, i've been following Oreimo. It's a fun show to watch, even if it isn't entirely realistic. (It's anime, why should it be?) The show is steeped in drama, something I like myself. It's cute, has cute characters and the story is what you'd call a "Rage inducer". I've seen so many threads on /a/ about their rage towards the MC that it's just funny watching people bitch about anime in the way they do. I like anime because it's driven by an actual plot. Plot is good, character development is good. Anime is good. BUT! I will say that my tastes lean really hard towards harem anime. If you know what a harem is, then good for you, but i'm into harem because of just the shear amount of funny you can pack into it.

Love hina I would say is what got me into harem, what stoked my fire for my love of it and Ai Yori Aoshi is what made me wanna peruse more of it.

Here are the openings to both Ai Yori Aoshi and Love hina.

Have an awesome day. :)

PS: The Indigo is one of my favorite smooth sounding music makers of all time.


  1. I like anime and manga too, but my power level is still reasonably low.
    Fraid I didn't like Azumangah Daioh or Oreimo...guess we have different tastes.