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Friday, December 17, 2010

It's all about the doshio's baby.

Well, I'm an anime fan. I've been watching Anime for seriously as long as I can remember ever being interested in the old Toonami block on cartoon network. I've watched so many series that I really can't count how many that I've seen, but the one thing thats always kept me interested in it, is how much better the stories are compared to western cartoons. I mean, if you've ever watched anime, then you know that the stories told in most of them are highly detailed (most of the time) and that it flows really well. Thats what really got me hooked. There was always something different to watch in anime and that there were characters I could get attached too in the stories.

Now though, I've been following lots of stuff. I've got a bakabt account filled with stuff I've DLed and stuff I've got bookmarked for future viewing. I currently have 62 inactive torrents that i've downloaded and 57 bookmarked torrents that I haven't down loaded yet that I wanna watch. Yeah, if you think about it, lets just SAY that all those torrents are 13 episode stories and they're all 30 minutes long. (Giving into account the OP's and OD's.) So 62 + 57 is 119. Now, thats 119 shows i've watched and am going to watch. So 119 x 30 = 3570 minutes, which translates into 59.5 hours total. Thats more then two days straight of anime viewing pleasure. I know it's not a lot, but think about it. That's just a generalized number, a lot of the anime I like to watch is almost 30+ episodes long! So it's even MORE then that.

So after that anime RANT. I'm going to leave you with a picture and a song. The picture is of a funny quote I found in Toradora, the song is the opening for Ore no Imo.

It's also my new favorite op for an anime.


  1. That is SO MUCH anime to watch! Good luck with making it through even 1/4 of all those series haha. Follow'ed :)

  2. Damn, I'm not a huge anime fan but I've went through a few different series and I remember how fun it is to sit in front of my computer for countless number of hours checking the same show over and over!

    12:13 - Just one more...
    04:22 *check clock*
    04:22 -Oh fuck!
    06:00 *go to bed*

  3. I haven't watched anime in a while. The only anime I been following is One Piece. I use to do anime marathons all the time! Since it's Christmas break I might get back into it :D

  4. Oreimo's all right, but I have to say that so far this season I've paid considerably more attention to Yosuga no Sora. Thing is, I skipped eps 2-9 of Yosuga no Sora because all the girls were mind-numbingly plain. I think that should indicate to you how much Oreimo I've cared to watch so far.