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Monday, December 20, 2010

Gravy Train

I'm posting a little late today, cuz I slept in, but here goes.

Today is my fiances birthday, woooo, she's gonna be 19! (Psh, screw age when you're getting married. xD) Sadly, she's working right now and I can't smother her with all the affection that I wanna give her. Although she'll be home around 4... I think I'll start baking her a cake once i'm done. So this pretty much marks our 2 years together and I gotta say that it's been lovely. It's been tough of course, with me without a job right now and her being the only working person right now, but we endure. I've been looking for alternative forms of income to help out a bit, but it's not coming along very well. x_x It leaves me with a very salty taste in my mouth when I think about how sucky it is right now. Although I think things might start to look up again after Christmas.

So i've been thinking recently about a proposal made by a good friend of mine. He said to me "Steve, if you ever wanna come join me and Justin when this all happens, you're more then welcome". You see, I like this idea and I've been thinking about it quite a bit. Ya know, moving some place different with some friends and having a place together. That sounds pretty fucking rad if you ask me, but then there's the part where i'm leaving everything I had behind. (No, not Rebecca, she'll be coming too) All my friends, my house, my family (not that it'd be that bad IE some family members I'll miss a lot) and the things I used to do. I'd lose comfort of the neighborhood that I lived in. I mean I think of it as if you don't stick your neck out sometimes, you'll never get the ribbon for the grand prize if you don't at least try.

But as I think about it, my head starts to hurt, i'm just craming it with more thoughts, especially when I need to be focusing on a lot of other things (not saying important, although they are, I just like to keep everything on level bases) and start getting this ball rolling! If i'm lucky, my friend could possibly help me get into a job at Staples, god knows i'm capable, if not over qualified for it. I've helped employees there do their job before, even help them UP SELL items to customers! The more I think about it, the more I laugh because of how easy the job seems at first glance.

Ah well, all things will come in time my dear friend.

Here is "I am somebody" by DJ Mehdi.


  1. I'd make sure you have a job lined up or at least a few prospects before you move out somewhere new. Rent sucks. It really sucks hard.

  2. As Rick S. said and also happy birthday to your fiance!

  3. @Rick S. : Yeah, I know, it does suck. I've been keeping this house going with only her and I, so I know what I should look forward too if I do wanna move out. Thanks for the advice though!

  4. That's really sweet of you to make a cake!

  5. Happy b-day to your fiance! I hope you get that job at staples man :D. I'm not ready to move out of my parents house yet because I'm still in school but it must be exciting for you!

  6. Yeah, stack as much paper as you can while you have no bills;

  7. Haha, thanks guys. She says thanks to all as well. I ended up making her a Brownie cake.

  8. happy birthday to your fiance!! You're right, love knows no perfect age.

  9. I'm just going to say.

    1. Happy birthday to your Fiance
    2. Hopefully you've at least see how your friends live on their own, because I had friends who did the whole live in one place together... And it failed miserably.
    3.If you feel bad for not having a job, why not go back to school and get an education. Or at least go to a temp agency and try to get a temp job.

    Good luck^^

  10. Happy birthday to the fiance! Git outta there and go live on yer own!