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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The day after...

Well! Yesterday was awesome. When I woke up, I got about a ZILLION happy birthdays on skype, then another BILLION on facebook! Thanks all for that, it really made me happy. :) I especially don't tell anyone because I don't really feel like it's a big deal, but it does make me happy when everyone says happy birthday.

So, for what I did...

My fiance took me out to lunch, we took a stroll down the road together and stopped in both the Radio shack and Blockbuster. (Which is shutting down by me) I had to stop in Radio Shack to get a 3.5mm headphone jack splitter for my PS3 so I can turn my computer stereo system into 5.1 for my gaming system. :) Suffice it to say, ITS AWESOME! I had some friendly conversation with the guys there. (It's always fun to talk about things and confuse the guys who're supposed to specialize in it. XD) After we stopped into the Blockbuster, seeing as it's going out of business, we wanted to find National Lampoons Christmas vacation, yeah, you know the one. :P Well, we looked, but they were only selling it brand new for like 16$. I thought that was stupid, so we went over to ask if they possibly had one laying around used (We looked on the shelves first to see if they had it) and they just so happened to have a copy RIGHT in their hands at the time! They did tell us though, that it wasn't for sale because they had to transfer it somewhere. (I guess it was the old retirement home for broken DvD's. Lol) So we looked around a bit, i tried to see if they had the entire season of Firefly (Which they didn't) when one of the employees approached us. He said "Well, seeing as this doesn't actually exist in our store, here you can have it". My eyes lite up like you wouldn't believe! Man, it was an awesome turn of events. The best thing was, we weren't even gonna go to Block Buster! xD Best birthday luck ever!

So, in tradition of our (mostly) scatered Nerdfighter group. (Now mostly comprised of only a few select people. Drama lama hit the old group hard. x.x) my friends girlfriend made me a picture, suffice it to say, if I questioned the reason for it, I'd be just silly.

Thanks belle. <3

All in all, I had a pretty calm and awesome birthday, one I haven't had in a REALLY long time. Normally i'm always cooking for my dad because he and I share the same birth date!

Love you all peeps, thanks so much for the luff!


  1. It sounded like you had a really good day yesterday.

  2. man im gonna go make some pancakes, those look awesome

  3. well then my dear sir, welcome to adulthood and eternal misery

  4. Seems like you had quite an awesome day!

  5. Sounds like a delicious Bday. BTW...made you new blog of the day.

  6. They look delicious, great, now Im hungry, Now going to the kitchen

  7. Why pancakes? I'm ashamed of myself right now!

    Happy birthday and hope you had a lot of fun!