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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Minecraft or WoW?

As i've been saying, I've gotten into WoW deeply. Everyone knows how addicting it is and how much time the game consumes. I've been playing it a lot and of course i'm enjoying it, so it really makes it hard to wanna pry myself away from it to play other games. Recently though, my friend has been playing minecraft and build up his base, which I was/am apart of. I do feel bad for not helping, but again, it's hard to pry myself away from something i'm enjoying. It's just mental resistance, really. I'm just being stuck to this game like white on rice because it really is that enjoyable.

I got into minecraft a lot and helped build up the last base, but it lost fun when the mod for the server started changing some things because of us. I don't think that it wasn't going to happen, but people complained. Also, the amount of lag put it off for me a lot because I was constantly getting DCed, my char was stuck in place a lot or teleporting around places and dieing from invisible monsters.

Yes, I know i'm complaining about a game that is bound to have bugs like that in it, but its hard to keep my attention for long periods of time if i'm not enjoying it. I don't want to have to force myself to play something and I'm sure my friend understands that. He knows i'm pretty ADHD ridden and its really hard for my focus to be kept in one spot unless I have something i'm following.

Anyways, my most annoyance is not in the game, the lag, the problems and bugs, but in myself because I DON'T wanna play it. I like minecraft a lot, but I don't wanna play it! It makes me mad but then again, i'm the one who's causing the anger!

Sounds stupid, no?

Ah well, I'll get over it sometime and get back into it. For now, here's more video's, this time of some music in English.


  1. Play wow now that cataclysm is released and when minecraft has less bugs, give it a try again

  2. Yeah, thats what I was thinking for the most part, but ya know, it's kinda where I feel like im neglecting my friends. :\

  3. I wouldn't feel too bad about not playing a game that you don't really want to play just because your friend's really digging it. If anything, you should get him to play WoW lol. Now, I hate to say it, but that video of September really does not do justice at all to the original, which is the funkiest daggum tune almost of all time.

  4. Definitely wow it's the best mmo out there right now