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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pizza hut, it is now extra awesome!

Yesterday I had hung out with my best bro Matt. He and I decided to chill out and go somewhere. (He was gonna get take me out for my birthday) Well, I decided that because I have the movie inception that why don't we just chill out and watch the movie, so i suggested we get some munchies and go chill at my place. (Although it's cold as FUCK ALL still)

So we decided to go get some Pizza Hut. We debated about it first, whether or not to go to the local Shoprite and get one of their pizzas and some drinks, along with some chips. He decided against it because every time we've ever been to pizza hut, we've always gotten an awesome friggen pizza.

We roll up to the joint and stop in, there were two employees who asked me if I needed assistance, the one who helped me was named Jim. I didn't catch the name of the other one (She was female) but she was doing her own thing anyways. We mull around for a few minutes on the pizza we decided on and the pizza we decided on was a Hawaiian Luau pizza with stuffed crust and mushrooms added.

Now here comes the cool part.

This guy was the GM, not that we didn't know till he mentioned it too us at the end of our time at their establishment, but this isn't why I think this guy was cool. This guy, as we waited, offered us some pizza slices on him. Just outa random too. (Yeah, i'm aware that it was prolly pizza he was gonna toss because it was siting there for a while, but it's free pizza!) We were pretty stoked that this dude gave us free pizza. We nomed it pretty happily and sat around talking, messing with the little touch screen gaming station (It's like those things you find in Bars and stuff, with chess and a buncha picto-like games in them) and joked around. As our time went on, he came up to us again, he had a small container (A round aluminum one) full of their Alfredo pasta stuff. He had said that there was no chicken in it, but you're welcome to have it if you'd like. Again, we were wowed by this guy just giving us stuff out of no where, I mean he really didn't need to at all even if it was stuff they messed up on or if it was leftover stuff. I mean they don't get paid for it and it was supposed to be thrown away anyways. Wasted food is always a no-no on my part, so i really give props to this guy.

I don't have pictures of the pizza, which I really should have taken a picture of it because it was FUCKING DELICIOUS.

But really, if all food service establishments were like this, not because they are forced based on company policy, I think people around here would lighten up a bit. (Yeah, everyone eats too much fast food around here) I mean sheesh, everyones so mean around my neighborhood. >_>

But anyways, awesome pizza hut joint I'll deffinatly be going back too and delicious pizza was delicious!

Also, thanks to Matt, I now am able to play Cata like I wanted! He bought me game time and I found my own way of getting the X-pack myself. >:P Woo for people being awesome!

Here, have another song. :D


  1. Reminds me of when I was working in that gas station. We used to do cookies, muffins and shits and we were throwing them out at 11PM, one hour before the close. So my friends and some random regular customers would always come and get a few free stuff. After all it was garbage stuff so I didn't care and most people didn't want to look like hobos and ended up buying stuff so my manager (who is also my uncle) really liked my idea and didn't care as long as the company didn't find out, which would be barely impossible. Random act of kindness are awesome imo!

  2. Not gonna lie man, but pizza hut is so cash. If I may make one stoner suggestion to you, it is to order 1/2 Hawaiian Luau/1/2 Super supreme (with bacon on this half) stuffed crust. Eat 1 slice of each half alternatively. Get extra high before doing so. Then pass out in a glorious puddle of grease and hedonist delight.

  3. Oh lawd, that just sounds delicious. Not that I smoke, but the pizza sounds fucking amazing.

  4. I had pizza hut the other day and it was awesome! Stuff crust pizza is the best thing that happened to pizza hut!