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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Short time is good time.

This is going to be short because i'm busy today getting stuff for my house. It's come to my attention that electronics are awesome. (Lol, no, I fucking love electronics with a passion) I wanna job that revolves around dealing with them all the time. I wanna build computers for people. I wanna make sure people are getting the best for their buck, no holds bared.

So, if anyone wants to build a new computer and doesn't know much about them, I'll just leave this here for those that are interested.

Skype: Perferated Bawx - Steve

Aim: Bunny Boy I am (Yeah, I still kept if since like... I was 14)

Xfire: Yeneeko (Or it might be under Grimsolution)

If you need some help with computer parts or assembling some stuff, hit me up. I'll try my best to show you the best parts for your buck. :)

Also, videos, videos, videos.


  1. I have tons of friends who can help me build another computer if needed. :P

    Thanks anyways.

  2. It's good to see you found something you enjoy doing man. I know how to build computers, but thanks for the help anyways :D. Btw I love that violin video man it sounds so awesome!

  3. If you're so good with computers, you should start a home business on the side. Repairs, Upgrades, and Tech Support. I'm sure you'd get some business, if not just for the prospect of tech support in the states and not in Bumbfuck, Egypt. I've got a buddy of mine who's Dad does the same thing. People bring him their computers and he gets paid depending on what needs to be done. And if someone short changes you, you can put a horse porn virus on their computer. :P