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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Woo, birthday boy here.

Another year, another level. I think of it as almost a game sometimes. "Steven has leveled up to level 20!" I pick three skills to upgrade and go on living my life, but it's kinda mundane ya know? It's just the same thing over and over again, but in a different place occasionally. It's the monotany of it, I know, but it's what you make out of it that makes life worth living.

I've never really been one to be a emo downer, because i'm a pretty bright guy. It's hard to take me seriously when I try to be dark and dismal, but only my closest friends and family can tell when i'm doing it for true. Though I can't really say to much about life, having no job, a cold house and a problematic family, not all of it is terrible. I've got a wonderful fiance who I love dearly, ya know? She's such a cutie. I've got an uncle who in the most honest of opinions, is one of the best parts of my family I can honestly say I enjoy being with. Though i'm not saying the other parts of my family are bad people, of course I have fun with them too, but he and I are able to talk on an intelectual level that I really cant talk with the rest of my family on. Him and I have a very broad mindset and he and I are just two peas in a pod when it comes to serious conversation.

But on the final note, I'M 20 YEARS OLD. Yes, the good ole 20. I'm finally out of the teen years and into the 20's... Fuck, why do I now have the bugging sense of being OLD?! GAH RAGGLE FRAGGLE. Although to me it's not all terrible, I get closer to being able to legally drink, i'm not a teenager anymore and I can finally figure life out a little better with my experience in life and love from the past year.

Edit: Gonna put a video here of some nice, smooth music.


  1. Happy birthday, good thoughts, and awesome song.

  2. happy birthday =) and yes you are totes old now =P trufax. have a fabulous day!

  3. Happy birthday!
    Please don't think your old though... I'll feel bad for how old I am... TT3TT