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Friday, December 10, 2010

Well shit.

Well, i've recently gotten back into minecraft. It's all about blocks and shit, building and what not. It's really interesting. I've gotten into this server called Darkcrest, it's pretty neet. The server itself is kind of like an rp server, where you choose a nation, build your town, go to war. Stuff like that. It's pretty insane. Not sure if anyone who follows me plays it, but I'd recommend it. The games currently in it's Alpha I believe, which Notch (The developer) is selling the game for like half price. It's about 13.06$ US, so it's not really expensive for a game with almost unlimited possiblites in building stuff. He's always adding new things and what not so it's not gonna get boring anytime soon. (At least I hope so) If you wanna drop by, my name is Yeneeko. I'm normally chillin' out in my town I built with my friends called Conn-Harbor. Also, they've got a subreddit, if you know what that is. We'll prolly be posting some stuff about our town soon, so again, if you wanna learn more, just drop by the subreddit.


  1. Ah, good to see you've come!
    Hope to see you in-game sometime.
    Remember, the link to my blog is

  2. sweet love minecraft, nice blog i just stumbled on it. i will follow along too.