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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fun times.

So I kinda got the feeling that some of you got the wrong idea about the moving thing. My fiancée and I do live together, alone. We have our own place that I basically took over from my dad after he decided to move in with his girlfriend. She and I take care of all the bills and what not, so we are basically living alone. The main reason why I have a bit of a gripe about this place is because of how good this neighborhood is. The school district is really good (compared to the old schools I used to go too, South west Philadelphia isn't a good place to learn...) the township is pretty good and it's not filled with violence, trash and dirty air. (Haha, dirty air... this is dirty Jersey i'm talking about!) She and I want to have a good place for our kids to grow up in. I wanna settle somewhere, where we know our kids will be safe, get a good education and be able to grow up as good people who weren't traumatized like she and I were, living in Philly and Salem county. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but if I got into all the details about how our lives were fucked up, I'd be going on waaayyy to long in this blog here. xD I mean I could talk a little about myself if you all wanted me too on my next blog, just ask if you wanna know. Lol

Well, anyways, I made a Brownie cake instead. It had vanilla and strawberry frosting on it and stuff. Here's a picture of it.

My camera is a tad on the crappy side, but it gets the job done for both basic picture needs and webcam.
Anyways, I made her a delicious dinner of cubed steak, scalloped potatoes, corn and clam chowder. We listened to music as we ate and we cuddled and did all the couple stuff. She wanted to watch tarzan. So we did that, but around lets say... 60% of the movie was over and she stared at herself in the mirror for the other 40% because she got something in her eye.

But yeah, was a nice day and all, made her feel good. Had some company over too, who brought her some cookie ingredients so she could make peanut butter cookies, which were pretty damn good for her first try.

Well, here's my daily (well, now daily) vid of music. Enjoy. :)

This is "Duvet" by Boa.


  1. That cake looks delicious. mmmmmmm

  2. looks delicious, i'm so hungry now

  3. dude you are the chef!!! Cake looks delish!!!

  4. Hm... should've got another pack of vanilla frosting instead of using that strawberry.