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Thursday, December 16, 2010

WoW again.

So as I stated previously, my friend got me Cataclysm and some game time. I've been playing it recently and I gotta say, i'm impressed blizzard... You actually made the game better then your last X-pack. The details in the environment are so much more lush now, instead of all the mat white ground textures and steel plated walls. It's actually pretty awesomely detailed. Something they actually thought about, attention to detail ftw. :D

Here are some pictures I took of some of the environments I've been playing in recently.

This is Deathwing and Ragnaros, both really scary peeps. :P In Vanilla, he was the final boss you fought in Molten Core.

 This is Vashj'ir. It's an underwater area, really large, full of aquatic life.

This is the front of stormwind Castle. Got a big overhaul since before.

I wanted to get both parts of Hyjal, this is the Twilight side. It's been pretty much torn apart with fire by Deathwing and the twilight cultists.

This is the Night Elf side under the tree of Nordrassil. It's the more lusher side of Hyjal that hasn't been devastated by deathwing... yet.

All in all, i'm loving the new content and I really wanna get into raiding in it sometime soon. Hopefully I can level fast and get some heroic gear. :P


  1. Whoah, looks really good so far. How's the underwater travel like now? How did they implement that whole underwater area?

  2. The picture is a little small, but they give you a seahorse. Yes, a FRIGGEN SEA HORSE! They also give you a perma buff that gives you 60% faster water travel called sealegs.

  3. I only played this game for one week as I don't have much time on my hands and that my friends begged me to try it. It def didn't look like this when I used to play!

  4. Man they have updated the game a lot. But it won't make me come back I'll wait til Diablo 3 :D

  5. Must say, I feel tempted to play... but it's gonna take over my life.